History Of The Zulu Culture Essay

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History of the Zulu KwaZulu-Natal is a province in Africa, officially founded in late 1977 (“KwaZulu-Natal”). However, it was built off hundreds of years as a tribe and heavy war tactics. The tribe itself was very primitive The Zulu were a very powerful nation at their prime, and hold some key influences in both culture and warfare. The original Zulu tribe was created about circa 1600-1700, by Zulu kaMalandela ("History of the Zulu Nation Natal, KZN Early History about the Zulu Nation."). It was formed after chief Malandela kaLuzumana had died, splitting the Nguni tribe into both Zulu and Qwabes. Zulu had split from his brother Qwabe with his mother to settle in the Emakhosini Valley. Zulu and his children had started the Zulu dynasty. For hundreds of years the tribe had only consisted of about 800-1000 people. Shaka kaSenzangakhona would come around and change all of that at the start of the 1800’s. isiZulu is the official language of the Zulu people, and was widely used as the main language while the Zulu were a tribe. About 9 million people speak it today, but rarely found spoken outside of Africa. There are many important terms to know when researching the Zulu. For example, ka means “son of” in isiZulu. It’s used similarly to da, such as in Leonardo da Vinci. Zulu kaMalandela simply means “Zulu, son of Malandela.” Zulu itself means “Sky” or “Heaven.” One of the most influential chieftains of the Zulu tribe was named Shaka, which was short for iShaka, a parasite of…

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