History Of The United States Essay

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The United States stands to be one of the most successful countries in the modern world. With a GDP of nearly 53,000 USD (United States Census Bureau, 2013), the US outcompetes nearly every other nation. This profound success is backed by an extensive and rich history, spanning from the time of colonization to modern day. However, the history of the United States is not one that is filled with joyous and pleasant occasion. It is marked by streaks of mistreatment and exploitation, including slavery, racism, and the displacement of the Natives who lived upon the lands. Nonetheless, it is important to preserve these exploits as a part of the United State 's history. The question of "rewriting history to reflect modern understanding" is one that can be answered easily. History must remain intact for we cannot be allowed to repeat the mistakes that were made by generations before; we cannot take away the right of knowledge from the general population; and lastly it is not economically viable to "rewrite" history on neither a national nor global scale. "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." Quoted by Winston Churchill, the theme is expressed quite clearly. History should treated as concrete, not altered and ignored in a foolish attempt to cover mistakes of the past. The educational system of nearly every nation elaborates history as a core subject during schooling. The spread of knowledge to generations of students helps the people to understand the…

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