History Of The Theory Of Atoms Essay

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History of the Theory of Atoms
Before the age of modern technology, theories of the atom were still created. Most notably was Democritus who was thought of as being the start of modern science when he first came up with the idea of the atom. It was not until J.J. Thomson changed the way atoms were understood with the discovery of the electron. It was not soon after when Ernst Rutherford disproved Thomson’s model with his gold foil experiment. Finally, Niels Bohr built off Rutherford’s gold foil experiment to explain the placement of electrons in an atom. These men and many more all helped pave the way to the modern theory of the atom.
Democritus was an ancient philosopher in Greece. Democritus believed that atoms were indivisible and indestructible. He also stated that in between atoms was empty space as well as an infinite number of atoms and kinds of atoms1. This was Democritus’ theory on the atom. The term atom he coined to describe the tiny indivisible matter he believed to exist. Democritus also believed that atoms could interlock on each other if they were solid. An example would be aluminum atoms hooked on each other with very little if not no empty space in-between them. However, Democritus did not come up with the idea of compounds and molecules. So, Democritus thought water contained atoms that were smooth and was not a molecule. He also thought air atoms were very light hence why they float. Even though Democritus was incorrect on certain parts of his theory. He…

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