Should The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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In march of 2011, the civil war that is changing millions of Syrian Lives had begun. What initiated with several anti-government protests has now become into a brutal war for democracy. More than 250,000 have died, 1.2 million have fled the country, and more than 6.5 million people are trapped inside war bound Syria (‘’Syria: The story of the conflict’’)
. Although many of the refugees have fled to neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey; the UN has safely relocated many others in European countries. However, countries like the U.S and Canada are still very averse to accepting high numbers of Syrian refugees into their borders. Since the beginning of the Civil war in Syria, only around 2,000 refugees have been relocated in
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Many Syrians are in the need of critical help, however, they are a great danger to western society. As Simon Henshaw, principal deputy assistant secretary at the State Department states, "The question is not whether we take them in, but ensuring that we admit refugees in a way that is safe and consistent with our national security interests’’(Segupta). The main problem in letting Syrian refugees into the U.S is endangering American safety, that’s why the current decisions that president Obama is taking in allowing around 10,000 refugees into the country could possibly change America. Not only could we face a threat like ISIS, the current economic system and overall society would undergo several changes. With the new promise that president Obama has made in order to make matters in Syria a little better, a lot of Americans worry for the safety of this country. Another major problem that the states might face with such a massive amount of refugees coming into the U.S is trying to acquire enough money to successfully resettle the 10,000 Syrian refugees that are planned to come in by the end of 2016. As Charles Shipman, a state refugee coordinator for Arizona says the amount of refugees that Obama is trying to bring in the country could not be supported by the current economic standing of the refugee resettlement program. (Quinton). Most refugee resettlement programs are nonprofit donating organizations that would have a hard time supporting the 10,000 individuals that are planned to come into the country. Also, the current American economy isn’t as good as in past years and with states spending millions in the resettlement of thousands of refugees, the American economy could deteriorate. Another big problem that could rise after the intake of such a massive amount of refugees could be a culture clash between American and Syrian culture similar to what Germany is currently facing. Many

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