Essay On Renaissance Art Movement

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The Renaissance Art Movement began in Italy and means rebirth. The Renaissance Art Movement was in the late 13th and early 14th century. This was a time when individual expression and worldly expression became two of the main themes. This movement had a lot of economic growth. Education blossomed in this time period. New technology was born in this time period, like the printing press. Most of the art in this period was commissioned by wealthy merchant families, mostly the Medici. Much of the art in this period is well known and is classified as great works of art; however, these pieces were also seen and used mostly as devotional objects. Most of the Renaissance art was religious images. The artists from this period came from all sorts of society. Over the period of the 15th and 16th century the …show more content…
The color that was used in the painting was reasonable. The reason the color was reasonable is because Christ stands out in the red that he is wearing from all the other men in the painting. Christ is the only person wearing red so one could assume that he is the main person in the painting. The other colors like the blue, gold, tan or pink that he used on the other men makes you know that they are important but not as important as Christ is. To me, this artwork means that the artist wanted to be able to keep this as a record in time. He wanted to be able to look back at the painting anytime he wanted to. This painting also means that at one point in time to the artist this was meaningful enough to him that he wanted to be able to create it as a work of art. I don’t know what made him paint this painting besides the man that wanted him to paint it but this painting is a well-known piece of art by Leonardo and has made his very popular. One can tell the way this is painted that Christ is the center of the masterpiece and that he is an important figure in

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