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The Cello, a very unique mid size instrument of the 16th century, was very interesting. Originally called the violoncello, the cello received its name from violone meaning a larger and cello in Italian means shoulder. The meaning suggests a big violin that can be played between ones legs and held in place by a strap. The cello was also influenced by a number of people that made this instrument a success. There is a little history about this instrument that I think you will enjoy.
The first known account of this instrument was in Agricola’s, Wittenberg 1528, were it was part of a bass consort. The first known maker of a cello was Andrea Amati and his descendants in Cremona and Gasparo da Salo in Brescia during the 1500’s. The
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One other very important piece written for the cello is a piece written by J.S. Bach. It is one of his Six Suites for Cello. This piece by Bach was written for a five string cello.
One piece of modern work that features the cello is a musical called “The Last Five Years” by Jason Robert Brown. It premiered in Chicago in 2001 and then produced off Broadway in March 2002. The story looks into the five year relationship of two people, Cathy Hyatt, a struggling actress and Jamie Wellerstein a rising novelist. The show tells the story in reverse order, with the actress the show begins at the end of the two marriage and with the novelist it starts just after the couple first met. The two people never interact until they meet up at a wedding as their timelines intersect.
As you can see the cello has been modified and used for many years dating as far back to the 15 hundreds. It has become well-known as well as a well used instrument in today’s time. Popular groups such as Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Oasis have developed the cello as an instrument in their group. The popular R & B singers Rihanna and Ne-yo used the cello in their Music Awards performance. It is clear that the cello is an instrument of all centuries and many more to come.
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