History of the Allied Health Care Professions Essay

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Many forces have shaped allied health care in the United States. Institutions such as hospitals and the government have been and will continue to have primary roles in the evolution of allied health care. As the allied health care system advanced in form and complexity, so did the growth in personnel and tasks. Prior to the 1900s there were three recognized allied health professions: the doctor, the dentist, and the nurse. Therefore your selection of a career in allied health care was very limited.
Today there are over two hundred recognized allied health professions, with on the job training as short as several weeks, to some professions that have up to eight to twelve years of formal
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This has led to much new profession that was once part of a single profession.
An example is radiological technology. In the beginning, there was the X-ray technician who could do all the procedures in the X-ray department. Today there is * radiographer, * take the x-ray; * nuclear medicine * technologist who uses radioactive materials to make an image; * ultrasound technologist * uses sound waves to produce an image; * radiation therapist * uses radiation to treat cancer; and * CT and MRI technologists * Use computers to produce a sectional image of the patient. The * X-ray technician * Evolved into five professions that work in the modern Medical Imaging Department. The majority of radiology technicians work in hospitals (61%). Additionally radiology technicians work in ambulatory services (33%), administrative (2%), education (1%), government (2%), and are self-employed (1%).
Public Health is the government’s efforts to prevent or control the problems of health and disease from a national perspective. Governmental departments of public health evolved in the 19th century and have contributed greatly as our understanding of the causes of disease – fueled by scientific contributions – has grown. The definition of public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting a health environment through an organized

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