Essay on History Of School And Any Icon Figures

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History of school and any icon figures
How the school was named, school traditions, ceremonies, symbols including mascots, school songs
Why was the mascot chosen? In keeping with the district norm of naming each school in the district after a very memorable former member of the district, my school was named after Jodie Blair Smith. Smith spent many years working in CFISD. She worked in various administrative positions before becoming a principal at Cy-Fair High School where she served for 12 years. Prior to her retirement in 2002, Mrs. Smith worked at the district level as an associate superintendent.

Our school colors are read and gold. Our school motto is Show Your Claws. Claws is an acronym which stands for: Cooperation, Leadership, Accountability, Wisdom and Safety. The expectation is that every student displays these qualities daily.
Each year we have an express day prior to the beginning of each year, to welcome incoming students as they begin their tenure as a Sabercat. Friday’s are Smith Spirit Days. Everyone on campus wears jeans, a spirit shirt and flip flops.

Our mascot is the sabercat. It was selected by a committee composed of the principal and several members of the first graduating class. In keeping with district tradition, since the school’s name is Smith the name of the mascot also begins with the letter ‘s’. 1. Students and staff should review the school website where this information is readily available.
2. The assistant principals should…

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