History Of Psychology : The History Of Psychology Essay

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Zac Flint
Review of the History of psychology
For my research on the history of psychology I used the Wikipedia website. This site offers a lot of information that dates back to Ancient Greek philosophers about 550 BC. When looking at the ideas and beliefs of the first men doing psychological studies it seems that their ideas tend to mirror the progression of man’s understanding of the world as a whole. As the medical procedures to explore the body slowly developed, the ideas of how the mind works would change along with the new information that was being discovered. It also seemed to start in a religious sense, that psychology was the study of the soul. Some of the very early writing about psychology were actually preserved by the Catholic Church. It wasn’t until the mid-1600’s that they began to separate themselves from the “Doctrine of the Soul”.
René Descartes did extensive dissection of animals and human cadavers and concluded that the body is a complex device capable of moving without the soul. This was the beginning of the separation of the study of psychology from a religious sense of studying the soul. Through the passage of time many people have taken different ideas and applied them in different ways which has caused many different fields of study to come about. The theory of hypnotism is one example of the many ways the tree of psychology branched out. Before the knowledge of neural pathways, the study of phrenology was born. Using detailed studies of the shape…

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