Essay about History of Percussion

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Percussion is known to have been around since the beginning of civilization, in all cultures and all major civilizations around the world. In 6000 B.C., the first time of a percussion instrument was evolved, and it was simply anything that could be found that could be hit together to create a sound. Percussion instruments have been used and associated with strong ceremonial, sacred, or symbolic events. For example, in Africa, drums symbolize and protect tribal royalty. The drums symbolize a family, sharing the same blood and feelings. The drums were are used to communicate through the villages and used as a type of language to transmit messages. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, the snare drum was used in the infantry to send coded …show more content…
Bells tend to be extremely meaningful within a culture and among many traditions. Americans can think of our Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, which represents for us, a symbol of our independence and pride. In Anishnaabek First Nations communities in America, the sound of a bell or a metallic percussion instrument symbolizes a more religious aspect. It is said that the first thoughts of the Creator was a shimmering bell-like sound and this was answered by the heartbeat or drumming of the earth as it was brought into creation. In Europe, bells also connect to a spiritual idea. It is associated with forms of Christian worship and is used to signal ceremonial events, and is also used in performance. St. Patrick was said to have carried a bell into Ireland during the 5th century to help him perform miracles.
In the Philippines, “tiger bells” were used, they are small brass bells and are often strung on dance girdles and belts, so they jingle when the people dance. In India about 3,000 years ago, women wore small copper bells around their ankles and necks. In China, the “chung” (bell) dates back to 4,000 B.C. and were considered to have spiritual power. In Ancient Greece, clay bells were made in 2,000 B.C., and bronze bells were made in at least 500 B.C. In roman culture, bells were used during dances, festivals, funerals, battles, and were hung as decorations

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