History Of Orthopaedics Surgery ( 17 ) Essay

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The authors of this review have chosen a clinically important topic that remains controversial in orthopaedics surgery (17). Several authors report a lower rate of complications, and a shorter hospital stay associated with early stabilization (18-20). While others suggest that early stabilization is not safe to be performed in multiple injured patients, because of the increased risk of mortality (21,22).

Assessing the validity of the systematic review methodology

Focused research question

The authors conducted a systematic review, and constructed sensible clinical objective to evaluate the comparative benefits of early (less than 24 hours) versus late (more than 24 hours) open reduction and internal fixation of open or closed femur fractures in poly-trauma patients, especially in preventing death, infection, nonunion/malunion, amputation, and venous thromboembolism (VTE) (17).

Types of studies included in the review

The authors explicitly state the types of studies they have included that were appropriate for the purpose of the review. Therefore, they have included randomized control trials (RCT), prospective observational studies, retrospective studies, and case-control studies. The review team uses narrow inclusion criteria applied only to femur fracture, excluding other long bone fractures. Also, they included studies that were only published in English (17). This may be associated with a potential bias in the selection of studies (4). Some authors reported that…

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