Essay on History Of Ohio Native Dan Brown

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When it comes to the college experience, one size does not fit all. Ohio native Dan Brown was not looking for the typical college experience he had found at his first school. “My junior year, I became disenfranchised with the experience there. It wasn 't working out well for me so a buddy and I decided to take a semester off and we ended up coming out to Colorado. Working as a lift operator, Brown realized that Colorado had a lot to offer him. “It was 1985 and we spent the season as lift operators and when summer came-- we were working til June that year and we realized that we wanted to get back into school and knew that Syracuse was not an option. We started looking around for schools near skiing in Colorado,” explained Brown. “People had mentioned Durango and FLC. We drove into town on one of those picture perfect June summer days in Durango Colorado. In 10 seconds I decided that 's where I was going to go to school.

Armed with an application, Brown went back to Ohio, filled out the application, and began his first semester that fall. “In September, my friend and I drove to Durango in my Dad 's car. He dropped me off and I didn 't know a soul. I needed some kind of transportation and that 's when I bought a bike. What started out as a means of transportation turned into something more. During his time working as a dishwasher as Old Tymers Café, Brown met two other Ft. Lewis students who were into mountain biking as well. “The 3 of us started learning about mountain…

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