Essay about History of Medical Coding and Billing

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History and Future


Medical Coding and Billing

John F. McMahon

BU480, Central Methodist University


Medical coding and billing affects everyone during their lifetime and yet the regulations of medical coding and billing are extremely complex. Examining the history, evaluation, and effect of new regulations and their cost shed light on an already complex industry. We will review government regulations, technological advancements, and requirements that providers will face in the near future. We will examine our current systems and how they evolved through time and what they may be in the future. We have reviewed articles from the Medical Billing and Coding Association, the
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The plague continued over three centuries and led to the publication of The London Bills of Mortality. This publication was printed weekly and included information collected on the various deaths around the city. The city government could then track diseases and their progress throughout London. This was the earliest form of disease classification and led to what we know today as the International Classification of Disease 9 and International Classification of Disease 10 methods of disease classification. (Taylor, 2009)

In 1853, the International Statistical Congress requested that William Farr prepare the first classification of all disease and they would approve it upon their next meeting. The list was not adopted until 1864 and has been revised four times since. The Bertillon Classification was the first standard system implemented internationally. The American Public Health Association gave its recommendation for use in 1858. Twenty-six counties adopted the Bertillon Classification in 1900 and still use today. Finally, in 1949 the World Health Organization approved a list for both mortality and morbidity for identifying both deaths and disease, which would eventually be used worldwide and become the, “International Statistical Classification of Disease, Injuries, and Cause of Death.” (Taylor, 2009) The coding and classification of disease and deaths was originally only to collect, classify, and process

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