History Of India And Its Effect On Caste Essay

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All throughout the history of India, there has been an ‘important’ emphasis on caste, or

varna, determining which occupation and class one belongs to. During the Vedic period, five

classes were created consisting of Brahmins, the priestly caste, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudras and

the Dalits . Not only did this caste system determine occupation, but also determined the

financial being of those belonging to that specific caste.

Roughly around 563 B.C.E, a prince was born into the Kshatriya class whose name was

Siddhartha Gautama. Born into a caste of wealth, power and status, and by the standards during

that era, Siddhartha had everything. He is described as handsome, born of pure descent and wore

garments of silk and was brought up in a lavish palace .

After an astrologer had predicted that Siddhartha would indeed become a great renunciant

his father did everything in his power to prevent this prophecy from coming true, and as a result,

sheltered his son and instead showered him with gifts to make up for it. Until the age of 29, the

prince was so caught up in his princely life that he had no clue what the harsh realities of the

world outside his palace were like .

Siddhartha’s road to enlightenment commenced when he was taken on a chariot ride

outside his palace, where he saw the harsh realities of life. During this trip, he encountered the

four passing sights: old age, illness, death, and an old man who had devoted his life…

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