History Of In Higher Education System Essay

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History of AAUP in Higher Education System
Academic freedom has been one of an important issue that have arisen from time to time in American higher education. As a teacher or professor of higher education, they hold an important role in framing the ideas and knowledge that the students gain who along the way become the pillar of the society. The bona fide nature that institutions of higher education is dependent on the free search for truth and its free discussion. Early American Colleges (1636-1850) professorial was weak with strong presidential power. This allowed powers of allocating salaries and hiring and firing process of the professors to the President. For centuries, this trend held its place. The nature of the governing body always threatened the job security of the professors. American Association of University Professor was established in 1915 by joined efforts of Arthur O. Lovejoy and John Dewey, in concern for the faculty rights. AAUP established academic freedom as is main principle when Edward Ross lost his job for having opposite views on immigration labor and railroad monopolies with Mrs. Leland Stanford in 1900. AAUP dedicates to preserve Academic Freedom of the professors. However, Academic freedom remains vulnerable and often challenged.
History of AAUP
John Dewey takes the office as the first President of AAUP in 1915 and establishes Committee A to explore the questions on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Dewey appointed Edwin…

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