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HE covered his ambulance with Disney characters that he would draw on. When returning from France Walt wanted to pursue is love for commercial art, which led him to his first experiments with animation. His animation eventually led to his vision of Disneyland. In a website titled Disneyland’s History Brad Aldridge says “One day Walt Disney had a vision. It was a vision of a place where children and parents could have fun together. The more Walt dreamed of a "magical park," the more imaginative and elaborate it became”1 Even though there were theme parks already throughout the United States they didn’t satisfy Walt. He said “"What this country really needs is an amusement park that families can take their children to. They've gotten so honky tonk with a lot of questionable characters running around, and they're not to safe. They're not well kept. I want to have a place that's as clean as anything could ever be, and all the people in it are first-class citizens, and treated like guests..2 This was that start of something huge.

Animation is what started everything. When Walt retuned home from France he continued his love for drawing. He tried to create The Alice Comedies, which were about a real girl who and her adventures in an animated world. Walt soon ran out of money and his company Laugh-O-Grams went bankrupt. He took his unfinished Alice Comedies and went to stay with his brother in California. With limited money from
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