History of Curriculum Essay

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The History of Curriculum Planning
Hiawatha L. Blunt
Grand Canyon University: EDA 561
July 17, 2013

The History of Curriculum Planning An effective curriculum depends on its design. When developing and planning a curriculum, educators must focus on student success. According to Danielson (2002), “educators follow clearly defined steps that are designed to link the local curriculum to state and district content standards” (p. 81). Once a state has established a Standard Course of Study, educators can design a curriculum that will provide the most appropriate education possible for the diverse learners in that state. This will prepare students to become successful, contributing members in a 21st century society and
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This program helps students develop full proficiency in both languages; (5) the structured immersion program where the child is in a classroom in which the subject matter is presented in English, but in a manner that students with limited English-language proficiency is insufficient (Honigsfeld, 2009). These programs are beneficial if the number of ESL teachers to student ratio is sufficient. Often funding issues lead to budget cuts in these areas. A positive for NCLB is that it allocates extra support for programs designed to help ELL students’ progress.
The impact of gifted education on the planning of the curriculum is positive, but may also have some negative effects. The use of the multidimensional Curriculum Model (MdCM) helps educators to better prepare gifted students for the changing world, providing them with the skills needed for the 21st century

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