Community Policing History

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In the early days in England there was no real structure of policing, it was up to the citizen to look after each other and protect one another from criminals. These citizens took this responsibility, which could be called in a sense community policing (Pearson 5). The history of Policing is dated back to 900 A.D in England; the criminal justice system was very small at the time, there were only four officials. The Sheriff was the agent of the king and his job was to maintain law and order in the county (Pearson 4). There was the constable whose job was to collect taxes and took orders from Justice of the Peace to make arrest with warrants. There was also the coroner their job and responsibility was to determine the cause and death of a crime …show more content…
In 1748 Henrey Fielding became chief magistrate in Bow Street, London and he was the best theorist for crime and punishment. Then in 1750 Crime started increasing so the numbers for watchmen and constables increased as well, to try an, stop crime and disorder. At this time Henry, John Fielding and Patrick Colquhoun began experimenting to find solutions on ways to prevent crime, which is known as, the reforming of professionalized police force. (Peak 8-9) In 1754 John Fielding established the first police criminal records, which was a major event in the history of policing. Then in 1789 the U.S marshal services was established and under judiciary act (Pearson 29). After this in 1792 Patrick Colquhoun founded proactive policing that way crime could be addressed before it is done. In 1829 Sir Robert Peel believed that there was social disorder because of police corruption, so he established the principals of policing, which we still use today. This was also the year that the bill, Peel submitted to parliament was passed and is known as the “Metropolitan Police Act of 1829” (Peak 11). He also established the penal code, which is a code of law that states and nations have that relate to crimes, offenses, and penalties – for all laws to be respected. (Pearson …show more content…
Policing had higher standards now; there were physical standards, required wages and hiring (Peak 25). During this time August Volmer was a big advocate that police should not only fight crime but should also function as social workers, he also began questioning suspects known as the modus operandi. In 1950 because there was so much police corruption William H. Parker became chief and created the thin blue line, dismissed and punished officers for brutality. In 1960 the tension between police and civilians increased, this year the Chicago Summerdale Scandal broke when one of the officers confessed and then this led to reformation. In 1970 Police departments started to reconstruct and began team policing, from this the community-policing era started. (Pearson 14, 15 and 20); (Peak 22-26). In the 20th Century a tragedy happened in United States that changed the Criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies, 9/11. In 2001 Homeland security was created to respond to terrorist attacks and any future attacks, these agencies are still growing and will continue to grow for the safety of our country. (Pearson

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