Essay on History of Communication

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3500 BC The Phoenicians develop an alphabet. to 2900 BC The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing - pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets. The Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.
1775 BC Greeks use a phonetic alphabet written from left to right.
1400 BC Oldest record of writing in China on bones.
1270 BC The first encyclopedia is written in Syria.
900 BC The very first postal service - for government use in China.
776 BC First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send message - the winner of the Olympic Games to the Athenians.
530 BC The Greeks start the very first library.
500 BC Papyrus rolls and early parchments made of dried reeds - first portable and light writing surfaces. to 170 BC
200 BC Human
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1831 Joseph Henry invents the first electric telegraph.
1835 Samuel Morse invents Morse code.
1843 Samuel Morse invents the first long distance electric telegraph line. Alexander Bain patents the first fax machine.
1861 United States starts the Pony Express for mail delivery. Coleman Sellers invents the Kinematoscope - a machine that flashed a series of still photographs onto a screen.
1867 American, Sholes the first successful and modern typewriter.
1876 Thomas Edison patents the mimeograph - an office copying machine. Alexander Graham Bell patents the electric telephone. Melvyl Dewey writes the Dewey Decimal System for ordering library books.
1877 Thomas Edison patents the phonograph - with a wax cylinder as recording medium. Eadweard Muybridge invents high speed photography - creating first moving pictures that captured motion.
1887 Emile Berliner invents the gramophone - a system of recording which could be used over and over again.
1888 George Eastman patents Kodak roll film camera.
1889 Almon Strowger patents the direct dial telephone or automatic telephone exchange.
1894 Guglielmo Marconi improves wireless telegraphy.
1898 First telephone answering machines.
1899 Valdemar Poulsen invents the first magnetic recordings - using magnetized steel tape as recording medium - the foundation for both mass data storage on disk and tape and the music recording

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