History Of Closing Afric The Second Largest Content Of The World With The Most Population Of People

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In closing Africa is the second largest content in the world with the most population of people. It has been confirmed many times over by scientist and historians alike that it is unquestionably the birthplace of mankind. Moreover, it has been conceded that mathematics, medicine, writing, architecture, and agriculture all derived from its plains. Despite this, and despite that it is one of the wealthiest continents in the world for natural resources, the overall perception of its people and its land is not of respect but one of inferiority. One must wonder why. A further walk through Africa’s history reveals how they have suffered over four centuries of abuse through Transatlantic Slave Trade. After the abolition of slavery, they suffered another century of European oppression through colonization. They were made to fight in both WWI and WWII, though neither fight had anything to do with them nor were they compensated. Today although they have many major metropolitan cities that show progress to western standards, they are still exploited through low export prices and high import prices. The obvious pattern shows that Africa has something that Europeans want without being accountable to fair trade. In order to do this without a public outcry, their enemies have used negative images and propaganda to justified their dehumanizing acts towards Africans in the past and today, thus providing Western European Nations with cheap labor and inexpensive resources.
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