History Notes Essay

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Review up till now
Economic downturn
Fear of radicalism
Immigrants might be the problem…
Let’s go back to the good ole days…
Q: Are the old days really better?
The Jazz Age (1920s)
The Long Nineteenth Century
Historians always ignore what everyone else is doing
1789 to 1918-????
Industrial Revolution
French Revolution
Victorian Ideas and Imperialism
Bigger push for imperialism
Ends in 1918- why?
WW1 is over, Russian Revolution taking place
What replaces it?
“The Modern Age” parallels “Return to Normalcy” what does that mean?
Science better at understanding the world than religion
Individuals have the right to choose their own lifestyles
Women control their minds and bodies
More rights for minorities?
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Women in the home vs. women outside the home
The New Woman
The Flapper
Image showing more freedom for women
Modern Crisis for Modern Age
Self- made man image too hard to achieve for most
Big heores with self-made men
But now…
No idealism, no future
Ernest hemingway
T.s. Elliot
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Modern Age Media
Movies provide new imagery to help spread new ideas about women
Theda Bara- “The Vamp” movie
Louise Brooks
Hollywood eventually monitors movies with Hays Code -1930
Examine movies before they’re released, provide censorship for variety of “provocative” or bad acts
Start editing and censoring about 1934
The Jazz Singer- 1927
Modern marvel
First talking film
Story about old vs. modern
Resonates with immigrants
Infamous today for blackface performance
However, very popular at time- even with black audiences
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem neighborhood of NYC
Center of African American art, music, letters
Whites begin to take notice
Expression of separate black cultural identify
Nightclubs, theatres, music halls
Big development: JAZZ
Jazz Music
Mix of black and white musical traditions
Both black and white musicians
Radio spreads sound to the middle class
Youth use music to rebel- sound familiar?
Wild Music + Youth + Automobiles + Alcohol = IMMORTALITY
Fight for Traditional Values
18th amendment- banned the sale of alcohol in U.S. push for morality in

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