History Is Just A Series Of Memories Essay

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History is a subject with such diverse sub-sections. In essence, everything has a history. Although, it can be argued that what someone may believe is history is just a series of memories (Ducharme, 2009). Hence, some believe that there is a specific distinction between history and memory (Ducharme, 2009). History is more akin to a scientific process (Ducharme, 2009). Historians (i.e. scientists) use primary sources (i.e. experimental results) to understand the events of the past and through this understanding, they are able to link and “create a dialogue between the past and present” (Ducharme, 2009, p.142-143). In comparison, memory, more specifically public memory, is based on someone’s own experiences and does not always promote a “dialogue between the past and the present” (Ducharme, 2009, p.142-143). Therefore, I believe that history is best taught through the use of primary sources that are both objective and subjective.
Every student is distinct. As such, in order to cater to all the students in the classroom, a history teacher must provide multiple options for students to present their findings (“VARK”, n.d.) and to prove they have an understanding of the course material (“VARK”, n.d.) as well as how it relates to their journey in becoming a more productive citizen. Therefore, as their teacher, it is my responsibility to create assignments that are educational and fair. For instance, if I were to plan a debate about John A. MacDonald’s role in Confederation, I…

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