Essay on History, Goals, And Structure

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History, Goals, and Structure The history behind an organization, is the backbone of all of its values. With the knowledge of its background, clients and the community can have a greater understanding of the importance and role the organization plays. School-to-Career Progressions was founded in 2000, semi-recently, it is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization that began as a derivative of Cascade Engineering 's highly successful Welfare-To-Career Program, which achieved an 80% retention rate in hiring welfare recipients (School-to-Career Progressions, 2016). Therefore, with the success of this endeavor, School-to-Career Progressions aimed their focus on the troubled youth, in creating optimal success for these individuals. “We envision a world where character skills are an integral part of the educational system, where students enter the workforce with the skills necessary to succeed, and where local businesses and the surrounding communities are healthy and vibrant (School-to-Career Progressions, 2016).” School-to-Career Progressions noticed a gap in the educational system of the Grand Rapids area, and wanted to come up with an implementation to better this issue. “In 2007, in collaboration with the Kent District 17th Circuit Court and the Grand Rapids Police Department, Progressions also began offering its character-development program to at-risk youth through a Diversion Program. This program targets first-time juvenile offenders in order to reduce the…

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