History Does Not Repeat Itself Analysis

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History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It May Not Rhyme Either?
Whether Mark Twain’s famous quote “History does not repeat itself, But it rhymes,” was really his quote or not. The message still stays that yes history does in a sense repeat and or rhyme depending on how you look at things. The articles titled “The History” is a great example of a middle ground between the two. When read through it holds a lot to tell through the people’s cultural beliefs as well as their jobs and similarly how they managed to control their colonies population. If other colonies repeated these ways or better yet even “rhymed” is based in the similarities alone.
Now most if not all civilizations had jobs for people to undertake. Most of these jobs either consisted
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Now whether every sacrifice from the repeating nations were public or not, this would be considered a “rhyme.” During the times of ancient Greeks, only animal sacrifices would suffice for the gods. Much like the Greeks however, Hindus in all parts of India perform such rituals as well. They sacrifice animals such as buffalo or goat to their family Goddess, otherwise known as Kuldevta, during the festival of Navarati. This ritual is much like the Greeks however it requires the execution of the animal in a single stroke, making the task that much harder to complete in some cases. These examples would surely lead one to believe that history does indeed repeat itself. It would seem that belief wise, only cultural views would repeat themselves. However to better the similarities and slight differences between colonies its best to compare how they dealt with their people, or in other terms “Population …show more content…
For a short period of 6 years. Soon after, whether it was the anger of the gods from the visit that the people of Thera made, or if it was just their luck, the people of Thera were asked to leave the Libyans in exchange that they would be shown a better place to colonize themselves. My assumption on this is so that the Libyans could use the newly vacant land from them for an expansion onto their own. Thus conquering without actually having to do any wrong to the land that they’d in a sense taken. The Libyans guided the people of Thera to a nicer area where “the sky leaks” so that the Therans could finally receive the rain they so desperately asked the gods for. The Libyans however by doing this set themselves up for the worst of situations following soon after. Once word of the new colony as well as the words of Pythoness found its way back to the Greeks across the country, an immediate flood of people made their way into Libya. This alone better helped the development and growth of Cyrene. However Libya took a toll on expansion because their land had been taken up from under them in complete overhaul. This form of population control follows the growth of other places, in exchange of gradually reducing the strain on the original city. Much like that of other countries who, in a more dark and less humane way, would stoop as low as going into war to send their men to fight and hopefully lose their lives, thus releasing the strain of the

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