Essay about History Being Changed : Pearl Harbor

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History Being Changed: Pearl Harbor, considered one of the most major military flaws in history, changed the course of World War II in its entirety and thus may have changed the history of the world. Isoroku Yamamoto was the Japanese Naval genius and war hero that masterminded the attack under orders from his superiors. After spending years studying and traveling in the United States, he not only grew fond of the country, but also realized that invoking their wrath would be a major mistake on Japan’s part. Had Yamamoto defied common practice and tradition to save his country from certain destruction by firmly voicing his opinion and refusing to outline an attack on the more powerful United States then history may have been greatly altered. A number of factors would be required for this to occur. The most important being the higher echelons of the Japanese government setting aside their pride and coming to their senses. In a world where this occurred, they would have seen the blatant truth that Japan was absolutely no match for the United States military and economic power. In the event of Japan not attacking Pearl Harbor, several events in history would have occurred differently.

Japan and China: First of all, Japan’s military resources could have been invested in further invasion of China, who at the time, despite massive size, was relatively weak due to European influence. Rather than creating a more powerful enemy in the Pacific, Japan may have been able to completely…

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