Essay on History Behind The History Of Woman Photography

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When one takes a photograph, they want use to know the most possible from just a snap. A photograph isn 't just a photo they take; within the photo it tells a story and has a mean from the way the photo is taken. Leaving now in the Twenty-First Century a photo means a lot then when it had first came out. The reason that its more manful now is because since we had photography now for a long period of time, we want to keep our photos for a long time to remember those days one had. Not as when it had just came out for the reason it was new and didn 't have much care about it. Within taking a photo it has a connections in history and the ways on how it develop. As well as time has pasted by technology it has also updated from the cameras they use to take the photo.Not only the history about the background about photography but as well the history behind the history of woman photography. Also, on how to have and take a perfect photo to tell the story you want to tell or as Arbus, say the secret of the secret. American society believe that photography can open the eyes on how many people see the world. The history behind is important. When one takes a photo one doesn 't realized on how everything was developed on one taking a single photo. Every time I would take a photo, I would think about how did it accord to someone to take time in their day to invent some sort of dives that would shoot something and would lasts many years. According to the article “Through Clio’s Lens:…

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