History And Systems Of Psychology And The Founders Who Lead The Way

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History and Systems of Psychology and the Founders who Lead the Way
In history, many great theories and ideas were produced by ingenious scholars. In this paper it will be discussed who and what these great contributors gave to the study of this field. Freud, with his studies on the unconscious mind, Carl Jung’s publishes on the correspondence on psychoanalyst, then to Wolfgang Kohler contribute to the school of Gestalt, all are points that will be brought up (Schultz & Ellen, 2012). Psychology has been molded into the subject by the studies and different schools of functionalism, behaviorism, structuralism, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, and cognitive psychology; not only did just one person in one point in time give input but many brilliant minds sculpted out what psychology is today throughout the years.
The school of thought called structuralism, was assembled by Edward Titchener’s work by using philosophical and physiological precursors of experimental psychology (Schultz, 2012). Some would argue that Wilhelm Wundt was the prime benefactor of structuralism, but Titchener transformed Wundt’s system of psychology when he brought it to the United States from Germany and the term “structuralism” can only be described to Titchener’s system alone (Schultz, 2012). What made his views so differently, is not focusing on the mental elements or contents and their mechanical linking by association (Schultz, 2012). In turn he focused solely on the elements…

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