History And Systems Of Psychological Science Essay

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History and Systems of Psychological Science: From Ancient Mysticism to Present-Day Neuroscience: In discussing the history and systems of psychological science, one must start by explaining the definition of science. Science has been defined many different ways. In one definition science is described as a way to solve questions about nature through empirical observation. In this definition, science has two components which is the empirical observation which is used to describe facts and the other component is the actual theory which is used to explain. In another definition of science, it includes the combination of rationalism, in which the rules of logic must be present and empiricism, which involves sensory observations. In this definition, the scientific. With this definition, scientific theories can be formulated and goes through the process of confirmable proposition in which proposed theories are tested experimentally and if confirmed, the theory will be later revised or abandoned. Science has also had another definition in which it could be when an individual is searching for lawful relationship in which has one of the two scientific laws; either correlational laws which create a prediction by seeing how classes of events vary together or causal laws which create an explanation and control of how thing are related. Determinism is very significant in this because it is that belief in which will enable causes to be known. Predictions will then become more accurate…

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