History And Structure Of Writing Essay example

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Perhaps, no other medium has had such a prodigious impact on the recollection of history and societal structure and formulation than writing. When it was first introduced, it was clear that people could grasp its value, thus they took the necessary steps to grind through the process of developing it into a usable mechanism upon which to benefit their livelihood. In essence, writing was the catalyst that caused normal people groups to not only become civilizations with laws and governance, but also enabled communities to come closer together and recollect their own histories much more vividly, creating a closer connection to their ancestry and religious ideas. Therefore, writing has been instrumental in shaping past and modern societies and in allowing us to gain a more accurate picture of historical reality when it concerns early civilization.
Even though the origins of writing is believed to have first occurred in southwest Asia, writing is thought to have developed in 3200 BC with the Mesopotamian and Sumerian culture. When a society utilized writing, It was considered to be more civilized than other cultures and even defined what we know as history and pre-history (history before writing was discovered) (XXX). The earliest forms of writing are on old clay tablets with indentations on them called cuneiform. Hundreds of thousands of these tablets are in existence today, due to the hardening of the clay as they dried over time. Also, having these preserved writing tablets…

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