Essay on History And Science

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Shapin throughout the book explores the many changes that have occurred and molded the modern world and the manner by which people have taken them by proving that science knowledge relies on history and is powered through social interaction and the philosophy of science.
Has a professor of History of Science at Harvard University. He has written many books including A Social History of Truth: Civility and Science in the Seventeenth-Century England (1994), The Scientific Life (2008), and Never Pure (2010). Critics of the The Scientific Revolution and some of his writings argue that being a historian he concentrates more on the manner in which natural philosophers comprehend themselves to be building knowledge, than concentrating on the worth of the process of science. Thus making him receive a lot of criticism and unacceptance from “real scientists”. Shapin being a university professor has written many scientific articles for the New Yorker and London Review of Books in addition to his many books.
I found he obtained the information used to write the book from careful research via manuscripts, documents, and secondary sources. He indicates the specifics of where he got his materials in footnotes and the bibliographic essay. The sources cited in The Scientific Revolution seem very reliable. Due to the fact that most if not all are from books published by reputable publishers such as University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, Heinemann, among others. In addition,…

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