History And Relevance Of Photography Essay

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Once before a moment could only be captured and maintained in memory or history through painting, drawing, and sculptures. People had always looked for a way to get pictures without the long and tedious work of artist. Scientist of many generations from different countries of the world came together and developed the new art of photography. Scientist discovered this by a sunbeam projecting through a tiny hole in a dark room, the light from the sun would leave a drawing of the object on the surface. Objects are depicted in exact ratio and color but size is diminished in comparison to reality and are seen upside down. After this discovery in the 1700 's it wasn 't until the year 1839 that photography became an official invention. Nowadays people don 't realize the history and the importance photography played throughout history, it 's captured many historical events but also has many personal memories.
Cameras have taken a long time to become what they are in today 's time. Dating back to 1839, the earliest camera known was called the camera obscura, it was used in ancient times to project an image. Leonardo Da Vinci actually wrote the first detailed description on the camera obscura in the 15th century, describing how its a box with a pinhole on one side and a glass screen on the other. Da Vinci also states, "No image, even of the smallest object, enters without being flipped upside down." The first photograph wasn 't taken until February 3, 1826 by a man named Joseph…

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