History and Purpose Paper

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Purpose and History

The Beginning of punishment in corrections began with the European system. The early colonists that came here from other countries used this. They can up with their own way of doing things. One of the most popular punishments was public humiliation. They used this to try to keep prisoners from repeating their crimes. They also used this method to try and deter others from committing the same crimes. Some of the punishments included cutting off fingers, whipping, branding and cutting out tongues. Punishments for serious crimes like murder and rape where punished by death by hanging in public for everyone to see. The criminals that were very poor dealt with the most of these punishments. They had to live in unsanitary
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They also found out that keeping the inmates solitude made them mentality ill.
The Auburn System was based on the Pennsylvania system at first but later made many improvements.
They designed the cells to big enough for two inmates, so they could produce more goods to be resold.
The system was copied by Sing Sing prison in New York, any many other prisons across the states. They liked the system because the facilities were cheaper to build and maintain. The system even had people coming from overseas to see who they operated. A lot of the international visitors favored the Pennsylvania system because it was easier to avoid contamination of prisoners. The Auburn prison was used more in the American prisons.

The impact and involvement of labor has changed over time. When the Reformatory era first came about the amount of inmates grew more than triple the size. This created more of an emphasis on inmate labor. This helped the prisons earn money for operations and building. The prisons focused a lot on the amounts of productions it was very important to them. Prisons were very successful with this method because the labor was free. The amount of prison made items selling grew to large numbers. This caused the Industrial Era which gained a lot of interest in third party companies to manage prison systems. When the courtiers Great depression came about along with the crash of Wall Street this caused problems with prison

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