History And Philosophy Of School Counseling Essay

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Week 1 Assignment: History and Philosophy of School Counseling
Due to demographic diversity and the growing population, school counselors can expect to encounter higher percentages of students with shortages in their academic, career, and personal/social development. To accommodate the needs of the current and future populace, as an emerging counseling professional, my philosophical approach to school counseling will combine the three philosophies of school counseling: guidance/career, mental health, and developmental guidance to provide all students the support they need.
Reflection on Philosophy of School Counseling As a future counselor, I will provide guidance/career, mental health, and developmental assistance and information to individual students, as well as groups. I will abide ethical, legal, and professional standards as I work with others: students, their families, the community, and other stakeholders to effectively provide them the support needed to produce student academic, career, and personal/social success. I will collaborate with other professionals to analyze data, identify student needs, and use this data to plan, implement, and evaluate the school guidance and counseling program to promote the personal growth and development of all students. I will commit myself to helping students across cultures. I will practice cultural competence to accommodate the needs of students from varying demographics and advocate for an equal education and equitable…

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