History And History Of A Robot Essay

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History of a Robot In our lives robots affect us in many ways; we use robots for so many things now a days. We use robots to open our cans, cook our food, and even too get too places faster. The car is an example of a robot we use in the present. The history of a robot can be traced back towards early eras even earlier than most would think. The very first robots trace their lineage back to 350 B.C. when Archytas first constructed his robot. He was the first person to build a robot his being a pigeon type robot that ran on steam. The pigeon “serves as one of the earliest studies of flight”, for it actually worked and flew just like a pigeon. It was also probably the first model airplane. The fact that robots have been around since 350 B.C is astonishing to say the least. Most people think that robots are a relatively new idea; however, the idea of a robot can be seen as early as this model of a pigeon, and this “pigeon” is truly a work of art. These works of art were invented for several purposes one of these purposes being the fact that we, as humans, have always been fascinated with the idea of creating things. With robots we create a sort of artificial intelligence that resembles things that we do in today’s society. These robots also serve us, helping us day by day with tasks that we can’t do, don’t feel like doing, or processes that are too hard for us to do as humans. For example, being human means that we cannot lift objects that are out of our maximum weight…

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