History And Economics Of Brazil Essay

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1. Standing 2,300 feet into the sky and with arms wide open, the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” offers a sincere welcome to both locals and visitors from around the world. The figure of Christ is not only a symbol of Christianity, but a cultural icon for the people of Brazil. With the world’s 8th largest economy, a population of 205 million people and an average of five million annual visitors, Brazil offers a broad range of resources, history and culture to learn from.1 In a few months Rio De Janiero will offer people from around the world the opportunity to learn about Brazilian culture as they host the 2016 Summer Olympics. In order to achieve a better understanding of Brazil’s culture, this background paper will cover both the history and economics of Brazil and the tie to U.S. interest.
2. Prior to the creation of Christ the Redeemer or the celebration of Carnival, the early periods of Brazil consisted of Tupian speaking Indians. The Tupian- speaking Indians played a significant role in creating the culture that exist today.2 Portugal also played a significant role when they set sail for a new world, landing on this new land. Unfortunately, early Portuguese explorers brought with them many diseases which would devastate the Tupian population. This new land would be named “Vera Cruz” or True Cross. However, due to the large amounts of brazil wood discovered on this new land, the name would eventually be changed. The history of Brazil goes…

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