Essay on History And Culture Of Museums

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Museums are powerful tools for any country seeking to express a certain identity to the rest of world. Collections of objects relevant to a country 's history and culture can easily instill a sense of wonder in the eyes of tourists. However, by carefully displaying artifacts alongside mindfully written descriptions, these collections can also be used effectively to unify the history of the people in that country. This form of nationalism is usually fairly innocuous and doesn 't draw much attention. Be that as it may, museums have often come under fire for not representing the right parts history and otherwise for shying away from difficult history. While some museums succeed in creating a sense of identity for the population, they have been a major battleground for conflicting histories and trying to find the identity of a country with a difficult or divided past. The Historical Museum in Moscow houses a large collection of Russian artwork. The artwork is displayed in rooms that suit the style of the period during which they were created. the Historical Museum(1875–1883), designed by architect Vladimir Sherwood (1832– 1897). Moscow, with its high concentration of Slavophilism, became a centre of a movement seeking to restore national traditions in all spheres of life. In this ancient Russian capital, unlike in the more Westernised Saint Petersburg, the forms of medieval Russian and Byzantine architecture, widely accepted as the official national…

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