Essay History And Culture Afric African Countries

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1. Stereotypes about Africa develop mostly from not being informed of the history and culture Africa brings to the world (3). In America, students are not really taught the positive characteristics of Africa. Instead in our history courses, the focus is on the negatives like genocide, AIDS and mainly how poor the country is (3). When in reality Africa is much more than just diseases and poverty. Most of Americans have pity towards Africa because of how Africa is portrayed in the media (3). The commercials about countries in Africa display inaccurate information. Based on commercials ran across Americans tv screens, African countries are shown as the poorest people in the world and the kids suffer from starvation. Also, the commercials are always advertising “for just one dollar a day, you can help save a child’s life.” When being pressured into donating money to a country, in which the truth is hidden certain images never disappear. Africa’s wildlife is displayed heavy in the media in a very positive way. For example, elephants are displayed as smart animals in Africa. The media teaches us that elephants and giraffes can be trained to do anything and also can be used for transportation (4). Although animals in Africa can be trained, they are not just held captive as pets. Wildlife animals are either being used for worship or hunting and gathering. Developing stereotypes about Africa based on inaccurate information shapes one’s views. If majority Americans view Africa as…

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