History And Cultural Poverty Of Australia 's Land Essays

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A.D. Hope’s poem Australia explores the notion of how Country, settled Australian and landscape can some what seem unsettling; his poem explores the spiritual, history and cultural poverty of Australia’s land. Within the seven stanzas of Australia, Hope describes Australia 's culture as being ‘second-hand European’ on ‘alien shores’ (Hope). ‘Second hand Europeans’ raises ideas of a lack of individualism throughout Australia, everyone looks and thinks in the same manner; Australia was not embraced or explored for what it was but instead identified as European land (Hope). The poetic voice in the poem is holding up the European cultural values that arrived on Australia’s land with settlement as the standard; this builds on the notion that there is something inhospitable about the land mass of Australia. Hope riffs on this through the imagery of ‘alien shores’ and ‘drab green’ trees which he has used to explore the bleak and unwelcome undertone of Country (Hope).

Hope presents us with his view of Country from a pessimistic one-sided view; which he explores throughout the poem as he uses negative and dark connotations to draw upon the insipidness of the landscape. Martin Harrison suggests that Hope’s pessimistic one-sided view of the poem is ‘devastatingly ignorant’ of everything but an Anglo speakers view of settlement culture, which censored any trace of an Aboriginal presence (Harrison 26). ‘ She is the last of lands, the emptiest..’ Hope demonstrates a sense of emptiness…

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