Essay on History And Contemporary Background Of Gun Control Policy

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Gun Control
Gun control policy refers to a set of policies and laws that are contained in the federal statutes and that regulates activities such as the manufacture, transfer of possession, sale, use and the modification of firearms by civilians. Most nations have policies that restrict the possession of firearm by the civilians. However, some few legislations are categorized as permissive and regulate the strict possession of firearms by civilians to certain types of firearms. The policies also regulate the type of people who should be allowed to own or to handle firearm. Therefore, once an individual meets the required qualifications to own or control a firearm, they are granted a firearm license. Most countries also regulate the ownership of guns and other types of firearms to the requirements before licensing that include an individual’s being a citizen of the country, an individual should be a permanent immigrant or they should be admitted lawfully in to the country for hunting or other sporting activities.
History and Contemporary background of Gun Control Policy Gun control policies regulate the domestic possession and use of firearms as well as the trade, manufacture and transport of varying types of firearms. More specifically the small arms that mainly include pistols, assault rifles and riffles are the main focus of the control policy. Among the issues that stimulate the strict regulation and development of gun control policy included the ability of…

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