History And Aspects Of Photography Essay examples

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History and Aspects of Photography
Photography is an important tool which connects people from all over the world. Photography is not just about being able to look through a lens and pressing a button. A successful photographer must have an eye for finding and capturing images which tell stories. Photographers create and prepare images which are displayed in a variety of ways to include print and web environments. Photographers need a balance of technical expertise, imagination, creativity, and a proficient sense for identifying and presenting their subjects in order to achieve a particular effect. Photography allows people to see different sites outside of their normal everyday life (Romano 24-26). Photography is a tool that allows people to connect all over the world.
A camera is a lightproof object with a lens which captures incoming light and directs the light and resulting image towards film in optical cameras and towards the imaging device in digital cameras (Bellis). The camera enables people to capture moments in time and have them for future generations. The camera is one of the most important inventions of history (Romano 24). All technology dealing with cameras is based on the law of optics discovered by Aristotle. The word photography is derived from the Greek words photos, which means light, and graphein, which means to draw. The scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel was the first person to use the word in 1839. Photography is a method of recording images by the…

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