History 1301 Exam 1 Review Essay

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Prompt 1: Migration

* According to anthropologists, where did the first human beings live? Why did they leave that place? How did they get to North America?

According to anthropologists the first human beings lived in Ethiopia, Africa around 2 million years ago for example: Lucy known as the oldest human found there. The most probable reason why the first human left Africa is because of the Ice Age. The cold made life so difficult to survive and somehow reduced in their population. They went through a land bridge, which existed to connect North America and Asia during the Ice Age.

* What was the Columbian Exchange? How did the Columbian Exchange affect Europe? How did it affect North America?
The Columbian Exchange is
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Quakers in Pennsylvania – they are Christian immigrants but not like the Puritans in New England as we known. They came to America to create religious refuge for those persecuted for their religious beliefs. Dutch of New Netherland -

* How did the migrant population of early colonial Virginia (1607-1640) differ from the migrant population of early New England (1620-1640)? List three social differences between those early colonies and one similarity.
Virginia have large population including more African slaves being transported there into tobacco fields.
New England was less of those slaves as economic reason is not their main goal when migrate to America but freedom of religions

Colonial Virginia came to North America to make wealth, that’s why the majority of them were men not much of women and children
New England came with families to build a religious society, so they have men, women and children along with them

When both groups arrived in America, a lot of the colonial Virginia people died off for some of the first years while the New England people are much less.

Since they all moved out of England, then they have to be Christian anyway, so this is the similarity between the two.

Prompt 2: Economics

* What chain of events in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia caused Europeans to explore the world’s oceans in the 15th century?

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