Historical Periods Of The Antebellum Period Essay

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In our history, there have been countless historical periods, which have impacted our world in various ways. These historical periods involve any situations from political, social and economic events that have occurred. In this essay, I will be describing the economic, social, and political distinctions of three historical periods. The historical periods I will be discussing are The Antebellum Period, the Civil War and the Market Revolution. Furthermore, let us start by discussing the antebellum period and its political movements. For starters, the antebellum period occurred during 1820 through 1860. This historical period was considered to be the trigger for the increase in abolition. The Antebellum period consisted of presidents who were Southern slaveholders. During this historical period, the south valued abolition since slaves were being counted as three-fifths for purposes of representation. When the antebellum period began it marked the beginning of the abolitionist movement that occurred in New York City. Furthermore, there was also the Texas proclamation of independence act, which joined other national authorities in expressing the alarm over abolitionist 's attempts to apply certain methods of Bible. Hence, there was a purpose; the purpose was to threaten the nation 's most important capital investment as well as the national system for racial control (Davis, Inhuman Bondage, 260). Furthermore, these political movements led to events involving the economy during…

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