Historical Information About The Period Of Publication Essay

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Historical Information about the period of publication
During 1810s, the French Empire reached its greatest size. The French invasion of Russia of 1812 dramatically weakened the French which then allowed Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Portugal to defeat France in the War of the Sixth Coalition. Napoleon was then exiled but returned to France on March 1, 1815. During this time, liberalism spread throughout much of France which made many states adopt the Napoleonic code because of the radicalism from the French Revolution. These codes helped suppress liberalism and nationalism. Frankenstein was published during the Romantic period and the Industrial Revolution.
Plot Summary
The story begins letters from Roger Walton explaining to his sister why he is on a journey to the Artic. During his journey, he meets Victor Frankenstein who goes on to tell his story. Victor tells him how he started off with a fascination for natural philosophy which soon allowed him to discover the secret to creating life. He spent all his time in his apartment to finally bring a corpse back to life. The monster runs away and then a little while later he finds that his brother, William, has been murdered by his creation. Justine takes the blame for the monster’s crime. Victor falls ill after hearing this and he heads to the mountain to seek healing but when he arrives at the mountain he is confronted with his creation. The monster tells Victor that he is lonely…

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