Historical History Of Abortion

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Regardless of whether or not abortion was legal, it has been a part of women’s history over many centuries and within many cultures, but not without controversy. There has been much debate among pro-life and pro-choice groups as they struggle with morals and beliefs, which are very strong between both sides. While we have come a long way since abortion has become a serious issue, the debate between these two groups continue today as they both present valid points for what they feel is for the best interest and welfare of the women and the unborn child.
In the early 1800’s, pregnancies that were aborted were usually a private matter between the woman and the providers, known as female healers. It was in this time that women were considered
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In the 1930’s, abortion was on the rise due to the Depression and many married women felt they could not afford the cost of having children. Of course, this increase led to more death among women because of continued unsanitary and medically nonprofessional conditions of the procedure. In the 1950’s, abortion becomes a discussion doctors are having regarding situations where mother’s lives are in danger. This is also when Planned Parenthood had a conference where they begin discussions on abortion laws. The 1960’s is when campaigns began when a woman named Pat McGinnis began speaking publicly to legalize abortion along with pro-choice advocates who were presumed to be in insane. In Chicago, in the late 1960’s, an underground system called “Jane” helped many women find places to get safe and affordable abortions (Wilson, …show more content…
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