Historical Development Of Land Rights Essay

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These words from Mansell-McKenna reflect the conflict of interests that remain between Aboriginal people and Westerners in regards to land rights. Much of Australia’s history has revolved around the struggle for land between Indigenous communities and the first European settlers, which has had a great influence on shaping our country into what it is today and will continue to do so into the future. This essay will discuss the historical development of land rights; the subsequent costs on aboriginal people during the contest for land; and the current land struggles still present in today’s society.

The struggle for land between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people has existed since the initial European settlement. The events that followed the settlement have shaped and driven a historical moment for Aboriginal people to regain their rights to land which stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century. Although non-Aboriginal Australians have also supported the resistance to dispossession there has been a strong opposition to this by major stakeholders causing the lengthy battle for land2. Following World War II efforts of activists were becoming more focused on regaining control of the reserves3. During the war many Aboriginal men registered to fight in the hope that they would be treated as equals to their fellow soldiers, especially when they returned. This was hardly the case, as seen in the movie ‘Harrys War’ when three soldiers enter the bar expecting to be served,…

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