Historical Description Of The Customs Of Individual Peoples And Cultures

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Ethnography, the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures. When I first visited Jamaica I first arrived on the picturesque "version" of the island that most people imagine and see in movies. The clear ocean waters that I see all around me while I was drenched in the cascading aroma of the trees and the fruit they had bared… Nevertheless, I still knew all too well of the true nature and political system found within Jamaica. When I first swaggered onto the resort I was stricken with awe. Standing by the opening door, I could see three bars, two free food shacks, and one dynamic ocean. I immediately dashed to my room, threw my suitcase on the bed and ran back out so that I could maximize my fun time. Indeed, while I was essentially a child in the world 's largest candy shop I couldn 't help but question as to why there was a sullen face on some of the employees ' faces. Upon my descent into my family 's roots I experienced a myriad of traditional and typical occurrences on the "tourist side" of Jamaica. But, I was unsatisfied with my new founded interactions with Jamaican culture; after all I am the kind of man who 'd want to view both heaven and hell to choose which is truly evil. So, as a result I went on to explore the rest of Jamaica excluding the "tourist side" from my explorations. Thus, I joined up with a family friend and took on a whole new worldly perspective. My first destination was an upscale neighborhood. The houses look massive…

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