Historical Context, Worldview, And Contemporary Context Essay

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In this Mythological Analysis I will be discussing historical context, worldview, psychological context, and contemporary context. To explain the historical context in Beowulf, one must relate events from the story to the culture during the time period. The first event is when Beowulf sails from Geatland to Daneland where Hrothgar rules. During this time period, men often had to seek a livelihood in places beyond their homeland. The land was divided among sons until nothing was left to give, and to have nothing was unacceptable in Nordic culture. Another event that stood out was the ceremony in the mead hall, where Beowulf’s encounter with Grendel takes place. Before Grendel arrives, Hrothgar is giving gifts to the town’s people; which ranged from about seventy to eighty people. This kind of relationship is very important to cement a king’s power. The mead hall was the center of civilization and socialization in Norse culture, not only due to functionality but also because of what it represented. Grendel entering this place not only results in causalities but the death of the ideal civilization. This foe represents darkness itself, not only in nature, but also within the small society itself. Lastly the part of the tale where Beowulf fights Grendel is not only significant to the plot but demonstrates the difference in the Nordic beliefs and the Christian writers beliefs. Beowulf enters this fight no weapons; According to Nordic culture it is to be seen as a natural man,…

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