Historical Conflicts Of Science And Religion Essay

1345 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Historical Conflicts of Science and Religion Evolutionary biology is a relatively modern scientific subject which has appeared to rouse great conflict with organized religion. This paper seeks to use properties of NOMA to dispel the alleged conflict between science and religion, and it will also attempt to pinpoint how such conflicts may be prevented. To accomplish this, the definitions of science & religion will be clarified, the feud between evolutionary biology and religion will be discussed, and an argument will be made that creationism and fine-tuning arguments improperly overstep their magisterium. The fundamentals of science and religion must be reiterated before a proper argument can be made. First and foremost, science is the pursuit of knowledge limited to the natural world. Scientists rely on a universal procedure known as the scientific method. Using this method, a scientist can make an observation about the natural world, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, and draw a conclusion from the data collected. This quality of science removes most personal bias: in order for any conclusion to be made, it must be supported exclusively from the data collected. A fantastic benefit of the scientific method is the peer-review process. After an initial conclusion is published, other scientists may run the same experiment to see if they yield the same results. A scientific position of any merit may be cast out and drafted again if it fails to hold up under this…

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