Historical Black College And Universities Website Supportive Solution

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Historical Black College and Universities website supportive solution will offer urban college goers the necessity of what would help make the college experience more complete during the college goer’s education agenda until completion of the curriculum has been dated. The information shall be gain thought compliance of merchant website which may have designed portal of Information technology or Information systems directly for access for the users of HBCU college goers. To assure that the system helps the college goers as their education course begin the application will have several fashioned specification embedded to identify their actual needs as HBCU goer’s of colleges as they attend the campus of their for course requirement. The implementation of the HBCU website for college goers should focus on the general areas of each and every Historical Black College and Universities(HBCU) based on location gained by GPS satellite mapping. Upon the surveillance of each of the area there would be a break down by mapping of what the direct area encompasses for the college goers to purchase or have delivered while in attendance. The website shall be constructed of the following SRS in the design which will be as followed merchant address, merchant items, HBCU addresses, and mapping. The HBCU information system shall reveal procedure in implementation, technology and future application solution designed for use by college goer’s looking to shop.
In the information system (IS)…

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