Historical Background Of Family Nurse Practitioners Essay

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Family Nurse Practitioner or generally Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who serve as primary and specialty health care providers usually under a physician. Much like the family doctors, Family Nurse Practitioners works with patients throughout their lives, diagnosing illness, conducting exams, and prescribing medication. In some instances, these nurses can likewise serve as their patients’ sole health care provider and run their own private practices. This paper is going to explore historical background of Family Nurse Practitioners, their specialty, role, requirements and the current healthcare demand within the health care system.
Historical background Though the role nurse practitioner is estimated to have developed in the early 1960s the history behind the sector is considered to be rather wide. This is especially in consideration of the fact that expansion of medicine specialization started during late 1950s and early 1960s thus creating a sort of shortage of primary care physicians and more so in marginal areas (Dell, 2014). As a result, primary care physicians who had opted not to specialize in particular areas of medicine recruited registered nurses having clinical expertise and consequently began collaborating with them in identifying and treating primary care needs of children and families (Dell, 2014). In addition, the Social Security Amendment of 1965 enhanced the development of the Medicare and Medicaid programs (Dell, 2014). As a…

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